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​What would you do if an employee began exhibiting signs of hostile behavior? Would you be able to identify those signs? Does a potential threat disappear once a person's employment has been terminated? Is the termination of employment the catalyst that triggers potentially violent thoughts or behaviors? How would you monitor a former employee who may be holding a grudge against the company or individuals in the company? Are there steps that can be taken during the hiring process that can identify a potential threat before that person ever becomes an employee?

​CD Investigations offers comprehensive workplace violence mitigation and management services. We are specially trained to conduct pre-employment screenings, workplace assessments, and safe employment terminations. We will work in conjunction with your human resources team to provide a thorough vetting process of employment candidates prior to their hiring. We can also come in to evaluate a current employee who may be showing signs of hostile actions. We can provide follow-up investigations to determine if a former employee is showing signs of physical retaliation post-termination.​We can also offer customized workplace violence management training for your staff.

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